Poetry Post Card Schmooze

Poetry Postcard Schmooze 

(Optional for conference attendees only)


This schmooze at the end of the conference is a chance for participants to share work with editors and agents in a relaxed, social setting.


What to write:

Write a  rhyming poem with 8 lines or less. Make sure it is clever and loaded with poetic techniques; Assonance, Consonance, Alliteration, Repetition, Onomatopoeia, etc.  The meter needs to be rhythmic and consistent and the rhyme must be perfect!




Each participant is limited to ONE poetry post card for the conference. We suggest bringing at least 25 qty. of the same post card. There will be at least 2 agents and 2 editors there and we hope more will join us.

Post cards should be NO LARGER than 4 x 6 inches. The poem MUST rhyme and be NO LONGER than 8 lines, with the author’s name clearly legible in the by-line.

Have postcards printed with your poem and business card information. We suggest using one side for your poem and the other side for your info but that is up to you. There can be clip art but the focus should be your poem. If you want to partner with an illustrator and share the spotlight, that is perfectly fine. Be creative! Use these 8 lines to grab an editor’s attention. Humor is encouraged!

We will have a table available for you to display your postcards. One card from each person will be collected at registration for prize drawings and to share poems with the group throughout the day.  Please make sure your name and contact information are clearly visible. This might be your chance to make a rhyme-tastic impression!

This is completely optional.



An example of a Poetry Postcard:

Poetry Postcard Example